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Curtain Call 2019

You have a vision. You see your dancers performing, lighting up the stage, and proudly showing off all their hard work and talent. We believe in your vision.

At Curtain Call we are dedicated to providing unparalleled quality and fit, at budget friendly prices.

Perform! Artistry in motion.

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Innovative. Excellence. Integrity.

Hard-Hitting, innovative designs that show the power & grace of movement.

Take your style to the next level with Custom Design exclusively from Perform.

Music, Movement, Lifestyle | NX3

. NX3® represents a generation who has a voice; who wants to be heard; and who will show and prove that originality stands alone! NX3® was created by Curtain Call®, a leader in dance performance-wear, in collaboration with On the DL.

Danielle Sten-Guillermo and Lance Guillermo co-founded On the DL in 2008. Together, they travel world-wide to teach workshops and master classes, and choreograph unique compositions. With Danielle's boundary pushing contemporary work, and Lance's preservation of the original street styles of hip hop, On the DL creates movement and beauty collaborative two different dance techniques.



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